News About the Papilloma Virus

News About the Papilloma Virus

We are providing up-to-date and accurate information about the Papilloma Virus in order to help prevent the spread of the virus to healthy (unexposed) dogs. The information provided is not intended to cause alarm, but rather educate and inform.

Canine oral papillomas, also known as oral warts, are small, benign tumors of the mouth caused by the papilloma virus. Usually affecting young dogs under two years, Canine papillomas are found on the lips, gums, mouth, and rarely can also be located on other mucus membranes. If you think your dog may have contracted the papillomas virus, we recommend contacting your veterinarian to see if your dog needs antibiotics or other treatments.

Dogs diagnosed will NOT be able to receive services at AKC Canine Retreat locations until cleared by a veterinarian.

For more information regarding Canine Papilloma Virus:



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