Tips on How to Make Your Dog More Comfortable in the Rain

Tips on How to Make Your Dog More Comfortable in the Rain
Courtesy of American Kennel Club

Dogs have come a long way from their wild ancestors. Like us, many pups dislike walking in the rain. Some refuse to go outside, while others brave the elements only because they’ve got business to do.

Here are some things that will make your dog more comfortable in the rain as we head into spring.


Raincoats not only keep your dog dry — making him more comfortable when he’s outside — but they also reduce the amount of toweling off you’ll need to do. There are several different types of rain jackets for dogs. Some have hoodssome have sleeves, and some raincoats are light enough to easily carry, which is handy if you are out with your dog and get caught in a downpour.

Slush and Mud

Spring isn’t all flowers and rain storms. For many dog owners, April and May mean slush and mud. These conditions aren’t just uncomfortable; they’re also messy. Luckily, dog overalls can help you keep the slimy stuff where it belongs: outside.


Some dogs just don’t like getting their paws wet. With dog boots, they don’t have to. Most dog boots aren’t 100% waterproof, but they will protect your pup’s feet from mud, slush, and the worst of the rain.

Warm and Waterproof

A warm spring rain is one thing, but a cold late winter rain is quite another. A waterproof winter jacket is the perfect solution for dogs who don’t enjoy getting pelted with freezing rain or for pups who are active in all sorts of weather.

Car Covers

You might as well protect your car while you’re protecting your dog. Car seat or cargo area covers help protect your vehicle from water and mud, making it easier to take your pup anywhere — even if he gets soaked in the rain.

And if you need a rain protector for yourself, check out breed-specific umbrellas in the AKC Shop!


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