West 57th Street

West 57th Street

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645 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 301-6880


Mon-Fri 7:00am-9:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday 10:00am-6:00pm

About West 57

AKC Canine Retreat West 57 is located in the exclusive VIA 57 West building and is open to all dog owners. This 4,000 square feet location features a private dog training area and customizable play spaces to accommodate dogs of all sizes and temperaments. There are also cozy rest areas that ensure your dog is comfortable and stress-free. You can feel confident that your dog is receiving the best care possible in a safe and enriching environment.

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Services offered at West 57


24-Hour Care




Dog Jogging

West 57 Team
Haneih Amirian Groomer
Gene King General Manager

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Please provide us with your information and our staff will be in touch shortly. You can also call us at (212) 301-6880 to learn more information and schedule your dog's comprehensive behavioral assessment.

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Haneih Amirian Groomer

“Although I have groomed celebrity dogs, all dogs are celebrities to me!”

Hanieh began her grooming career at a shelter over eighteen years ago. She loved to make over the rescue dogs and contribute to their well-being, helping them to be adopted. She can make dogs feel safe and relaxed during grooming – a “good experience for them”. A consummate groomer of all dog breeds, she especially loves grooming poodles because of the versatility of coat and variety of styles. When not grooming, she enjoys music and spending time with her 24-year-old Pekingese “Tameshk”.

Gene King General Manager

“Owning a dog is a joy!”

Gene believes that non dog owners gain an experience of transcendence when they get their first puppy. He feels it is a pleasure to help people navigate having a dog in this great city.

Gene has been working in the pet industry since 2005. Formerly owning a pet related business in Hell’s Kitchen afforded him the opportunity to learn a great deal about grooming, health issues, and nutrition. Prior to his work in the pet industry Gene obtained an MA in Counseling and has been a social worker and therapist in New York and Washington D.C. He lives in the “neighborhood” with his partner and their wonderful dachshund.