AKC Canine Retreat offers a safe and nurturing environment for your dog to explore, socialize and learn. With personalized attention and our comprehensive behavioral assessment, our staff familiarizes themselves with each dog individually. Following our unique behavioral assessment, each dog enjoys relaxation and socialization time optimized for their size and temperament, ensuring days packed with positivity and play.
• All staff trained in the most up-to-date methods recognized by American Kennel Club
• Personal behavioral assessment for each dog to customize care to their individual personalities
• Social play and dedicated rest areas to accommodate the specific needs of each dog and their owner’s preferences

24-Hour Care
Our experienced and caring team makes your dog’s stay with us a vacation for both of you. While you’re away, your dog will enjoy the loving care, attention and activity to which he’s accustomed with around-the-clock supervision from our on-site staff. Enjoy the peace of mind that your dog is being well cared for while you travel, safe and sound at his home away from home.
• 24-hour on-site care by handlers who get to know each dog individually
• Plenty of attention and personalized play to minimize stress and separation anxiety
• Accommodation for special needs and personal preferences
Walking Dogs

Dog Walking – Walking Paws by AKC
It’s a jungle out there, and Manhattan’s urban landscape can present challenges for dogs seeking exercise. Our team is trained to navigate the city and provide safe walking adventures that suit your dog’s temperament, and flexibility to suit your schedule. All of our dog walkers are employees of AKC Canine Retreat who are trained, insured, and background-checked.
• Safe, reliable service for individual and social walks (no more than 3 dogs)
• Daytime and evening walks throughout the week
• Transport to and from our facilities is also available, including one-way and round-trip walks

We know that a well-trained dog is a joy to own. We also know that there’s a time in almost every dog’s life that they can benefit from some professional training. We offer beginner to advanced classes, including basic obedience, AKC’s Good Citizen® and AKC S.T.A.R.™ Puppy, and private training sessions. Our expert trainers focus on positive reinforcement techniques that will help each dog achieve their personal best.
• Private or group training sessions available for puppies and dogs of all ages
• Improve the communication between you and your dog and strengthen your bond
• Constructive feedback and tips for how to continue your dog’s training at home

From carefully coiffed coats and manicured manes to cleaning everything from teeth to tails, our AKC S.A.F.E experienced groomers are skilled in the art of proper dog hygiene, grooming and safety needs. Proper grooming plays an important role in your dog’s health and well-being, and the AKC Canine Retreat team at each location is dedicated to making your dog look and feel their very best. All of our AKC S.A.F.E. Groomers have completed the AKC Safety in the Salon course and certified their commitment to follow the AKC S.A.F.E. Groomer/Salon Safety Oath.
• Professional groomers skilled in everything from basic bathing to breed-specific clips
• Adjustable grooming tables for easy access for dogs of all sizes, coat-type and temperaments
• Services include baths to full grooms, nail trimming, teeth cleaning, hand-scissoring, de-matting, anal gland expression, flea and tick treatments and much more

Dog Jogging – Running Paws by AKC
Dog Jogging keeps your dog fit and trim, and can help relieve stress and anxiety. This innovative service, offered by Running Paws, AKC Canine Retreat’s proprietary specialists, provides regular exercise regimens for dogs of all ages, sizes and temperaments. Our fully vetted and safety-trained team consists of collegiate cross-country and track runners, marathoners and endurance athletes who are passionate about running and dogs.
• Private jogs, fast-paced walks, and buddy fitness (two dogs paired of similar ability and temperament) sessions available
• Introductory evaluation session to recommend the right exercise plan for your dog
• Sessions have shown to be beneficial in helping to curb behavioral issues and relieve stress and anxiety